Introduction: 3D technology is the most useful way to create high quality graphics including animation, images, cartoons, interactive applications, models for video and computer games.The technique used based on two technologies, Directx and Open GL, both of them work same way.We intend to keep it simple in this collection of tutorials.To start watch these two videos for better understanding VIDEO 1 , VIDEO 2 . To save time we are going to use 3DS Max , which is a software works base on DirectX technology. Trial version available to download.,however most 3D software work same way. You will learn here how to create models, images, animation and more.


Viewports Overview to start with
Save project How to save Max project
Render scene Basic scene render


a- Geometry
Standard Primitives How to create box, cone, sphere, geoshpere, cylinder, tube, torus, pyramid, teapot, plane.
Extended Primitives How to create hedra, torus knot, chamferbox, chamfercyl, oiltank, capsule, spindle, L-Exit, Gengon, C-Ext, RingWave, hose, prism.
Compound Objects How to create morph, scatter, conform, connect, BlobMesh, ShapeMerge, boolean, terrain, mesher, ProBoolean, ProCutter.
Doors How to create pivot door, sliding door, BiFold door.
Dynamics Objects How to create damper, spring.
Particle Systems How to create PF source, spray, snow, blizzard, PArray, PCloud, super spray.
Patch Grids How to create quad patch, tri patch.
NURBS Surfaces How to create point surf, CV surf
AEC Extended How to create foliage, railing, wall.
Stairs How to create LTypeStair, spiral stair, straight stair, U TypeStair.
Windows How to create Awning, casement, fixed, pivoted, projected, sliding windows.
b- Shapes
Splines How to create line, rectangle, circle, ellipse, arc, donut, NGon, star, text, helix, section.
Extended Splines How to create WRectangle, channel, angle, tee, wide flange.
NURBS Curves How to create point curve, CV curve.
c- Lights
Standard How to create target spot, free spot, target direct, free direct, omni, Skylight, mr area omni, mr area spot.
Photometric How to create target point, free point, target linear, free linear, target area, free area, IES sun, IES sky, mr sky, mr sky portal, mr sun.
d- Cameras How to create target and free camera.
e- Helpers How add helpers to project such as standard, atmospheric apparatus, camera match, reactor, assembly heads, manipulators, particle flow, VMRL97.
f- Space Warps How to add space warps to project such as forces, deflectors, geometric/deformable, modifier based, reactors, particles and dynamics.
g- Systems How to add bones, ring array, sunlight, daylight, biped.


Apply modifier How to apply modifier to object.
Cloth modifier How to use cloth modifier.
Hair and fur modifier How to create hair and fair.


Hierarchy Panel How to use hierarchy panel.
Pivot Hierarchy How to work with pivot hierarchy.


Motion Panel How to use motion panel.
Path Constraint Adding path constraint and making object moving along path.


Display Panel How to control the display of objects in viewports.


Utilities Panel How to use available utilities with your project and configuring button sets.


Basic. First modeling tutorial to help starting creating objects.


Assign Material How to create and apply simple material.


Volume Fog Creating volume fog by using atmospheric apparatus and adding atmospheric effects to environment.
Glow-Blur Create effects to text object and glow and blur and controlling to parameters of the effects.


Simple Animation Create simple object animation and using auto key frame then playing animation.


Adding lights How to add lights the scene and types of lights available to use in project.
Volume light How to create volume light then create simple animation.


Rigid body modifier Learn how to create rigid body collection and preview simulation and controlling the properties of objects then create key frames for the animation.
Soft body modifier How to create soft body collection and controlling to simulation and properties of rigid and soft body in scene.
Rope modifier How to create rope modifier from spline and interact with rigid body and create simple animation
Reactor Cloth modifier Using reactor to create cloth modifier then create cloth key frames.


Rendering Animation

Character Studio-Biped Animation

Figure Mode How to create skeleton and save the figure to file so it can be used in other projects and create posture collections, save and load them.
Walk -FootStep Mode Create simple walk cycle as part of character studio animation then bend and scale the footsteps.

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